About Mission Advocates

Mission Advocates are close partners in our ministry. What does an Apple of His Eye (AOHE) mission advocate do?  Quite simply, a mission advocate is part of a team of caring Christians who share our passion for reaching the lost and equipping fellow believer to do the same. Mission advocates join us in advancing the Gospel as empowered by the Holy Spirit. Specifically, our mission advocates help us by:

  • Speaking with those who are interested in the Gospel
  • Making others aware of our Mission in various venues
  • Meeting with others to pray for our mission and the salvation of the Jewish people
  • Helping identify those who might want to support the mission
  • Providing or presenting our materials to your local congregation 

If you are interested in becoming a Mission Advocate and supporting our work, please contact us. We may be reached at:

(888) 512-7753

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.