Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.
Ex. 4:12

Deeper Considerations

  • Presenting the Gospel

    pdfInspiration for Presenting the Gospel
    pdfThe Gospel in the Old Testament

    These resources offer inspiration and guidance in presenting the Gospel message to a Jewish audience. The key focus is on identifying the links between scripture and Y'shua, the Messiah.

  • Jewish Life Cycle

    pdfThe Jewish Life Cycle

    The resources here explore the typical Jewish life cycle, from birth to death. Significant life events are explored from a uniquely Jewish perspective. Knowing this perspective provides further understanding of the broad interplay that scripture (the Bible) has even in modern Jewish life.

  • The Major Festivals

    pdfOverview of Festivals
    pdfFestival of Passover
    pdfFestival of Shavuot

    The resources here focus on the major festivals in Jewish life.  Use the Festivals Overview presentation to gain a better understanding of the overall annual festival calendar and the Biblical basis for each major festival.  The Passover presentation takes a deeper look at the purpose and meaning behind Passover from both an Old Testament (Pentatuch) and New Testament perspective.  The Shavuot presentation discusses the feast of Shavuot, otherwise known as Pentecost, and the significance it has in biblical history.