Inventory Time

A colorful crown.

Our father had a Jewelry store in Kennewick, Washington in the 1960’s. It was called Robert’s Jewelers and was located downtown right across from the JC Penny’s store. The whole family would share in the work...

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Live on Purpose

A dove breaking its chain and flying upwards.

Ti-i-i-i-me is on my side, yes, it is Mick Jagger. I always laugh when I hear this song. Have you seen Mick Jagger lately? Hey buddy, time was/is definitely not on your side. Remember how you thought time was on your side? Then you look in the mirror and have an immediate wake-up call.

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A word bubble denoting listening to someone speak.

“Sometimes problems can’t be fixed but they need to be heard.” Those words were the words of a pastor friend of mine that were a great comfort to me...

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How Long Oh Lord?

A colorful dove flying with an olive branch.

 We who follow Jesus have a promise and a future hope – that the ways of this world will fall. We are bombarded by the news these days about wars, rumors of wars, hostages and rampant anti-Semitism – can we even dare to imagine a time of peace and hope?...

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