News of the Heart

An angel blowing his trumpet.

War, politics, shootings, the economy, inflation, antisemitism, trials, and … fill in the rest. This is what grabs the headlines of media outlets these days. Turn on the TV, listen to the radio, scan the news outlets online… become more aware how each thrusts into our environment the horrors, tragedies, and tensions that plague our society and the world...

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Missions 101

A dove flying with an olive branch in its mouth.

The great commission is discipleship. Sharing the Gospel and allowing the Holy Spirit to convict and save. Following Yeshua’s example for the three years that he had his twelve “disciples”. It is one-on-one. Bearing fruit of the new life Yeshua has given us...

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Notes From an Outreach in St. Louis

Word bubble composed of Christian symbols.

I went down to the Delmar Loop. I talked to a Muslim by the impression he one thing he believes that the Holy Spirit can save people I told him only Jesus. He also used John 5:30 where it says that Jesus can do nothing. And he tried to say that Jesus is not God. I tried to get his email address, but I have to think he wanted to argue. I don’t think you want to listen to me.

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Fellowship in the Lord

A man with his arms raised inside a colorful light bulb.

Over the last few weeks, I have been doing a lot of traveling. I went to Nebraska to speak at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Lincoln, the LCJE missions conference in Colorado, and the New Jersey District Pastor’s Conference. Each event and each day began and ended with prayer and reflection on God’s Word. Why?...

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