My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you.
Job 42.5

Women of Faith

  • About the Friendship Tea Party

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    Led By Women of Faith, For Women of Faith

    The Friendship Tea Party is a special Apple of His Eye event for women. The Friendship Tea is led by missionary Nancy Cohen and focuses on strategic missions, personal evangelism and building community at your church.

    Designed to Motivate

    Nancy brings her wit, years of experience on the mission fields of Russia and Israel, and her passion to this event. The Frienship Tea will motivate women to be involved in community and outreach. Nancy will also persoanlly challenge the hearts of each in attendance to see how God extends His mission throughout the world.

    Key Outcomes

    • Encourage ladies of your congregation to use this gathering as an opportunity to invite their friends and acquaintances to get to know your church

    • Develop a heart for evangelism

    • Build excitement and passion to reach Jewish people and gentiles with the Gospel

    • Help grow the church spiritually and physically

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  • How to Schedule

    Since our beginnings in 1996, our missionaries have given presentations in over 1,000 churches in almost every state in the union. Our goal is to best suit the needs of your congregation as we present our message.

    Get Started

    Our presentations are coordinated by our Itinerary Coordinator

    1. Call or Email Us:

      (888) 512-7753, ext. 1

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    2. Build to Suit

      We find the best fit for our presentation within the overall programming of your church. Apple of His Eye speaker Nancy Cohen is available for your next women’s group, circle meeting, retreat or Bible study. If your church has already booked Steve Cohen as a speaker from Apple, why not double up and book Nancy too!

    3. We Handle The Details

      Once a presentation date is settled, we send out our confirmation paperwork. Two months prior to our presentation, we send out a packet of information to assist the local church in informing their members and the community of the upcoming presentation.

    Our Goal

    Our overall goal is to win the hearts of God’s people to pray, witness and give over and above their own church giving so that others might hear the Good News of Jesus, the Messiah.

    We come simply on the basis of a free-will offering received through our offering envelopes, and when out of our home area, assistance with travel ($150 maximum) and overnight housing when appropriate.

  • FAQs

    Is there a minimum attendance for a Friendship Tea Party?

    We do not set minimums to come, but suggest that a group of at least 20 makes
    for a great tea party.

    Q. Is there an honorarium required for a Friendship Tea Party?

    A. No. We come simply on a free-will offering for the ongoing mission work of The Apple of His Eye.

    Q. Do you help us with promoting this event in our area?

    A. Yes, we have posters you can share in your church and surrounding congregations.

    Q. Will mission materials be available at the Friendship Tea Party?

    A. Yes, we will bring materials for those in attendance to share with others.

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  • Preparing for the Meeting


    1. Schedule a Friendship Tea Party.

    2. Send invitations (templates available from Apple of His Eye).

    3. Collect tea cups for the number of guests anticipated.

    4. Request tea pots from church (and/or members) and a centerpiece. For tea pots with a history, provide information to share.

    5. Provide cookies, nuts and mints.

    Elapsed time for setup, presentation and cleanup is approximately 2.5 hours

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