Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.
Ex. 4:12

How to Reach Out

  • Confronting Evangelistic Obstacles

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    Evangelistic Obstacles That Prevent Christians From Witnessing

    At age 15, I went with my parents to the drivers license examiner’s office, and took a written test to qualify for a learner’s permit. The first time I sat behind the wheel of my father’s 1955 Oldsmobile 98, my father sitting in the passenger seat, I noticed first how nervous he was – and how nervous I was!

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  • What Hampers Christian Witness

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    Hurdling Barriers that Prevent Christian Witness

    Hurdling Barriers that Prevent Christians from Witnessing to Jewish People One key to effective personal evangelism is setting aside stereotypes. Stereotyping any people hinders, rather than helps, our Gospel proclamation to them. When non-Jewish people meet Jewish people personally, they will think about and speak to the stereotypes rather than truly getting to know the person.

    Jewish people are involved in all levels of society. Yet, people stereotype them by appearance, cultural or religious differences. Some say that Jewish people are moneyed or that they control financial institutions or the entertainment industry. Others say that Jewish people are close-knit and exclusive of non-Jewish people.

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  • Attitudes in Witnessing

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    Positive Attitudes in Preparation for Witnessing

    Perhaps you have a Jewish neighbor, acquaintance or friend. You may have felt, “I really can’t tell my Jewish friend about Jesus, because they’re Jewish! I don’t want to offend my friend by telling him about Jesus.” However, to begin to share your faith with Jewish people (or anyone for that matter!), here are some helpful attitudes:

    1. Develop an attitude of willingness to tell others about Jesus.

      This is key. Today many people by tradition have moved away from willingly, actively talking about their personal faith. It’s easier to talk about the weather, sports, politics or the economy. But when it comes to matters of personal faith, we tend to withdraw or to become uncomfortable. Perhaps we lack self-confidence. Maybe we lack a knowledge of Scripture or feel inferior when dealing with spiritual things. But the Lord has called us to be witnesses and He will equip us to be His witnesses. Our actions and our words are important.

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  • Maturing as a Disciple

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    Grow in Discipleship to Grow as a Disciple

    Jesus wandered about the country for three years accompanied by a hand-picked group of disciples. While some of us memorized the names of the original twelve, we know that there were others who also were followers. But Jesus gave himself, his time, his involvement, to just a small band, and ultimately just to three close-in followers: Peter, James and John.

    There were many leading rabbis of His day who likewise had their bands of followers, students, disciples. Unlike our modern way of training pastors where one heads off to an institution of higher learning, a disciple accompanied a teacher as he went about his regular duties and learned from first hand experiences.

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  • Considering Sin

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    What Do Jewish Writings Say About Sin?

    What do Jewish Scriptures and traditions say about sin and its consequence? Is there a permanent solution?

    Steven was raised in an Orthodox Jewish home. He went to Hebrew school, had his bar mitzvah and observed the holidays. Yet when he turned 15, his parents began to experiment with a more liberal Jewish lifestyle. Perhaps it was an act of rebellion against her own mother, but Steven's mother began making pork chops, a food previously forbidden from the family menu and alien to their palates. At the same time, and seemingly unrelated at first, his father bought a smoke alarm. In case of fire, they would be ready! But as it happened, whenever the mother made pork chops, the alarm would start to blast. Its piercing warning would upset the otherwise peaceful household. Sometimes there was even smoke accompanying the alarm. Steven's father quipped that maybe God was trying to tell them something--namely that they shouldn't eat pork. The rest of the family shrugged off the remark as a joke and the culinary experiments continued. Still, whenever pork was cooked, the alarm sounded. Eventually, Steven's father took the obvious solution. He got rid of the smoke alarm!

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  • Basic Jewish Beliefs

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    A Summary of Core Jewish Beliefs Today

    It is important to understand the foundation of what Jewish people believe today. There is no single answer. The term dogma, which is much better applied to Christianity, has little place within Judaism. In Judaism, the need for a profession of belief did not arise, and rabbis saw no necessity for drawing up concise formulas stressing Jewish beliefs and faith.

    Theologically speaking, it is understood that Jewish people are born into God’s covenant with the people of Israel in Genesis 12:1-3:

    The LORD had said to Abram, ‘Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you. I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.'

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  • Jewish Views of Jesus

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    A Brief Survey of Jewish Views of Jesus

    My wife and I were talking the other night. I asked her (yes, she is Jewish), “What do Jewish people think of Jesus?” Without batting an eyelash, her response was, “Jewish people do not think of Jesus!” Generally Jesus is given little to no thought.

    Throughout the ages, the question of who Y’shua (Jesus) is has encountered a full spectrum of reactions ranging from He is a myth, fable and the New Testament is merely an assemblage of narishkeit (Yiddish for foolishness)... all the way to He is the promised Messiah, God incarnate who died for our sins and rose from the dead. Quite a spectrum, indeed.

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  • Common Objections to Jesus

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    Answering 13 Common Objections of Jewish People to Jesus as Messiah

    In my personal experience as a missionary to Jewish people, I want to share with you some common objections I’ve heard throughout the years. I call it “A Baker’s Dozen” or, “Thirteen objections – with holes in them – that can be filled with the Gospel.” These are:

    1. Loss of Jewishness
    2. The Rabbi Doesn’t Teach it
    3. Where is the Evidence?
    4. No Intermediary Required
    5. The Lord Our God is One
    6. The Trinity
    7. No Original Sin
    8. The Virgin Birth
    9. The Deity of Jesus
    10. Not from the Line of David
    11. Heaven and Hell
    12. The Holocaust
    13. Christian Persecution

    When it comes to telling Jewish people about Jesus, we find that many objections raised are not necessarily new objections. A whole history of apologetics is today being reviewed and republished, all speaking against the claims of Jesus’ Messiahship.

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  • The Passport

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    The passport is a tool for helping you disciple someone through their early spiritual journey. We all share a common path: birth, life, death, and judgment day. What happens between birth and death makes a big difference concerning our final destination.

    Consider using this tool as you reach out to fellow travelers on life’s bumpy roads.

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  • Answering the Phone

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    Answering the Call for Y’shua

    Have you ever receive a phone call from a salesperson, political, or solicitor seeking your time and attention? What is you initial, knee-jerk reaction once you have answered? Most tell me that they want to hang up and end the call as quickly as possible.

    But Wait

    Perhaps there is an opportunity here for YOU to make a difference in the life of a total stranger you may never meet. Here is how.

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  • Ablaze Squared

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    What If

    What would happen if 80% of your members intentionally invested two hours a month for the express purpose of reaching lost people in your community?  The Apple of His Eye has developed a simple plan for you that will bring specific results: 1) your members will actively share their Faith  2) their friends will hear the Gospel 3) God’s Word will not return void. Join in the movement of intentionally reaching out to the lost.

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