Mah Kerah (What Happened)?

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Our Past Affects Our Present

Most Christian clergy have studied church history without ever being introduced to this shameful aspect of the church‘s story. The Jews, however, do know about it. They know about the anti-Jewish polemics of certain church fathers; about the forced baptisms, especially of children; about the church council decree that sanctioned the removal of such children from their parents; about a papal edict encouraging raids on Jewish synagogues by the faithful; about the expulsion of all Jews from a country like Spain; about Luther‘s hate language directed against Jews when they did not convert according to his timetable; about the prohibition against Jews living in Calvin‘s Geneva; the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem set ablaze with Jewish folk trapped inside while Crusaders outside sang, Christ we adore Thee.

Christians have felt justified in perpetrating atrocities against the people they called ―Christ-killers. Is it surprising then that, to so many Jews, conversion came to mean joining the enemy.

What started a very Jewish movement evolved into an institution that removed all vestiges of things past to become the Church.

All the more reason to bring the true Gospel (back) to Jewish men and women in Love but with urgency.

Excerpted from A Case for Romans 1:16...Again! by Steve Cohen