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Though I don’t remember where I first saw this, it struck me as worth sharing. It was originally titled as rules but I’m taking the liberty of editing it a bit. To me, recommendations sound better than rules. Not every recommendation is applicable to all. Choose those that fit your situation and circumstance in life...

...The First Seven of 21 Recommendations for a Good Old Age

  1. It's time to use at least some of the money you’ve saved. Use it and enjoy it. Don't just keep it for those who may have no notion of the sacrifices you’ve made to get it. Enjoy the present moment. The sand in the clock may run out any day.
  2. Stop worrying about the financial situation of your children and grandchildren. You've taken care of them for many years, and you've taught them what you could. You gave them an education, food, shelter, and support. Except in special circumstances, the responsibility is now theirs to earn their way.
  3. Live a healthy life with moderate exercise. Walk every day. Eat well. Watch your weight. Get proper sleep. It's not always easy to remain healthy. Stay in touch with your doctor. Schedule regular physical exams, even when you're feeling well. Be aware of your body. Take care of yourself.
  4. Always responsibly buy the best, most beautiful, yet affordable items for your spouse. The key goal is to enjoy your time and money with him or her, if he or she is still living. Some day one of you will miss the other. Money will not provide much comfort then. Enjoy it together.
  5. Don't stress over the little things. You've already overcome so much in your life. You have good memories and bad ones. But the important things are the present and the future. Don't let the past drag you down. Don’t let the future frighten you.
  6. Regardless of age, always keep love alive. Love your Lord. Love your spouse. Love your life. Love your family. Love your neighbor. Love your surroundings. Love your country. Love your home. Expressing love and affection helps to keep us young at heart.
  7. Be humbly proud, both inside and out. Don't stop going to your hair salon or barber. Do your nails. Go to your dermatologist and dentist. Wear your perfumes and colognes. When you are well-maintained on the outside, it seeps in, making you feel properly proud and happy inside.

Here’s another one as a bonus: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind. And love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Matt. 22:37, 39.

That’s not a recommendation. It’s a command. From Jesus Himself. He knows a lot about your life.

Yours in Christ,


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