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How Long Oh Lord?

A colorful dove flying with an olive branch.

 We who follow Jesus have a promise and a future hope – that the ways of this world will fall. We are bombarded by the news these days about wars, rumors of wars, hostages and rampant anti-Semitism – can we even dare to imagine a time of peace and hope?...

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Micha Had Huntington’s Disease

A graphical representation of six human brains with five in the color white and one in the color black to symbolize the randomness of Huntinton's Disease.

Huntington’s disease (HD) is a brain disease that is passed down in families from generation to generation. It is caused by a mistake in the DNA instructions that build our bodies and keep them running. DNA is made up of thousands of genes, and people with HD have a small error in one gene, called huntingtin. Over time this error causes damage to the brain and leads to HD symptoms...

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Two New Years on One Day

A pomegranate symbolizing Rosh Hashanah.

September 15, 2023. Two new years on one day? Yes! First, on September 15 I celebrated my 74th birthday. Second, the evening of September 15th (or 1 Tishre on the Jewish calendar) marked the beginning of the Jewish new year 5784...

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Ministry By Wandering Around

A man riding a scooter.

How hot is it? The temperatures in Georgetown Texas have been over a sizzling 100 degrees for the past umpteen days. This has meant we have to be creative to get out of the house with our pets so that they do not become stir crazy.

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In Memoriam: Micha Alan Cohen

Micah Cohen


Dear praying friends,

Thank you for your prayers!

The battle is over and God wins! Our beloved son, Micha, went home to glory at 3 a.m. on Saturday, October 7th, 2023...

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The Hat...and For Your Prayers

A colorful baseball cap.

I know that there are many things that can start a conversation. Sometimes it is a message on a shirt, a logo on a jacket, or even world events that swirl around us. This summer when we were in Milwaukee for the LCMS national convention to set up our display, Jordan Peiser brought along a hat with two words on it in Hebrew...

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Jewish Prayer: Part Three

A colorful menorah.

Jewish Law makes it our duty to pray three times daily: in the morning, in the afternoon and at nightfall. These prayers are called morning prayer (shacharit), afternoon prayer (minchah) and evening prayer (arvith or maariv)...

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