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Live on Purpose

A dove breaking its chain and flying upwards.

Ti-i-i-i-me is on my side, yes, it is Mick Jagger. I always laugh when I hear this song. Have you seen Mick Jagger lately? Hey buddy, time was/is definitely not on your side. Remember how you thought time was on your side? Then you look in the mirror and have an immediate wake-up call.

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Do Not Be Afraid to Be a Jew

Colorful hands around a Star of David.

I was in a dress shop a year ago in Jaffa. I was talking to the owner of the store and remarked how built-up Jaffa was. I remembered a time when it was streets lined with garage type doors on dilapidated buildings. Now it has a thriving marketplace with rejuvenated buildings and delightful shops and cafes and is a joy to walk through...

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Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear?

A bird on a branch singing.

When my daughter Toi was born, it was basically just myself and her. It was the 1960’s and as per our life then, her dad was drafted and subsequently enlisted so he could choose his own branch of service. We were still in college, but it did not matter. He was an only child, but it did not matter. Viet Nam was in full swing, and you went when called...

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God Created Children

Raised arms of children.

(And in the process grandchildren.)

To those of us who have children in our lives, whether they are our own, or our grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or students…here is something to lighten your day...

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Joy Comes in the Morning

The word "joy".

October 7th will always be etched on my heart because of Micha Cohen. In the week prior to this day, I had a dream. I told Steve it was very touching. I saw the image of Yeshua in heaven. Next to him was Jan Cohen, Steve’s late wife and Micha’s mother. She was tugging on Yeshua’s robe saying, “let me go get him, let me go get him”...

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Life Is Not a Picnic

Colorful hands raised in the air.

I have never really cared for picnics. First you make lunch, then you pack it in containers, then you pack it along with cutlery, napkins, condiments, blanket or tablecloth, etc. You must then unload, unpack, and then do everything in reverse when it is time to go home. Once home it all must be unloaded, stored or cleaned, and put away. That is just not fun...

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Let's Go Fishing

Fish swimming in a watercolor stream and avoiding lures.

While I was living in Jerusalem, I produced a monthly newspaper for women (although men read it also). I opened it up for submissions, and the wife of a UN worker there wrote the following...

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