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Missions 101

A dove flying with an olive branch in its mouth.

The great commission is discipleship. Sharing the Gospel and allowing the Holy Spirit to convict and save. Following Yeshua’s example for the three years that he had his twelve “disciples”. It is one-on-one. Bearing fruit of the new life Yeshua has given us...

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Colorful hands overlapping one another symbolizing unity.

Spoiler Alert! Yeshua did not die for a denomination. Aww…. You already knew that didn’t you? Yeshua, not man, established the church. Yet we have such a hard time accepting the fact that if a believer goes to a different denomination than the one we attend, he/she just cannot be in sync with us. Really?...

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Live on Purpose

A dove breaking its chain and flying upwards.

Ti-i-i-i-me is on my side, yes, it is Mick Jagger. I always laugh when I hear this song. Have you seen Mick Jagger lately? Hey buddy, time was/is definitely not on your side. Remember how you thought time was on your side? Then you look in the mirror and have an immediate wake-up call.

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Joy Comes in the Morning

The word "joy".

October 7th will always be etched on my heart because of Micha Cohen. In the week prior to this day, I had a dream. I told Steve it was very touching. I saw the image of Yeshua in heaven. Next to him was Jan Cohen, Steve’s late wife and Micha’s mother. She was tugging on Yeshua’s robe saying, “let me go get him, let me go get him”...

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I Don't Hug

Two arms embracing as a hug.

How are we receiving others into our local bodies of Christ? Kindly, friendly, welcoming? How are we respecting each other...

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Do Not Be Afraid to Be a Jew

Colorful hands around a Star of David.

I was in a dress shop a year ago in Jaffa. I was talking to the owner of the store and remarked how built-up Jaffa was. I remembered a time when it was streets lined with garage type doors on dilapidated buildings. Now it has a thriving marketplace with rejuvenated buildings and delightful shops and cafes and is a joy to walk through...

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Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear?

A bird on a branch singing.

When my daughter Toi was born, it was basically just myself and her. It was the 1960’s and as per our life then, her dad was drafted and subsequently enlisted so he could choose his own branch of service. We were still in college, but it did not matter. He was an only child, but it did not matter. Viet Nam was in full swing, and you went when called...

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