A mosaic of colorful broken glass symbolizing disunity.

I have had the privilege of being in over 1800 congregations since I began my ministry in 1976. During that time, I've experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly in the body of Christ. With my background in social studies, I have had a lifelong interest in what motivates people and why they do what they do....

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Colorful hands overlapping one another symbolizing unity.

Spoiler Alert! Yeshua did not die for a denomination. Aww…. You already knew that didn’t you? Yeshua, not man, established the church. Yet we have such a hard time accepting the fact that if a believer goes to a different denomination than the one we attend, he/she just cannot be in sync with us. Really?...

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A modern multi-colored stained glass window.

Last month, I had the privilege of leading a Christ in the Passover at St. James Lutheran Church in Baltimore, MD. The saints gathered there were very welcoming and asked great questions as we enjoyed the experience and learned together...

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Where is Your Corner?

A street corner in San Francisco with victorian-style-buildings.

Starting any new venture can be gut-wrenching at best. As a new believer in Jesus, I was introduced to the Jews for Jesus ministry when Moishe Rosen, the founder, came to the Lutheran Bible Institute in Seattle and showed slides of what they were doing...

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