Be an Upstander, Not a By Stander

There is an old Jewish joke about a mother kvelling on her son the doctor. “My son is an outstanding doctor in his field!” the mother says. To which her disgruntled relative says, “Yes, he is out standing in right field!”

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Religion vs. Gospel

In this world of chaos and turmoil, sickness, death, wars, and rumors of wars, it is comforting to know that not only do we have a loving Heavenly Father, an advocate in Yeshua and a life guide in the Holy Spirt, but we also have a standard of hope. The old and new covenants teach us how we are to live and worship. It holds comfort as well as rebuke and healing and guidance. We are told to memorize it.

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Missio Dei: The Missional God

Drawn from Genesis 12:1-3 and John 3:16-20.

For the next three months, I intend to use this blog space to discuss something that I know if you are reading this blog is very important to you and to me -- The Mission of God. This is often referred to as the MISSIO DEI. Here is what it will look like:

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The Bridge

In the introduction of Reverend Donald F. Ginkel’s Bible study book, I Have Good News for You, he starts off with the following...

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