From Death to Life

A watercolor of an angel blowing a trumpet.

I have always been struck by that passage where Jesus wept because as we keep reading, we see that Jesus knew not only that Lazarus would be raised on the last day but also that Jesus would raise Lazarus later that day!...

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Live the Dash

A tall grave marker.

When I lived in Paris, I was in the 14th arrondissement (division) of the city. I lived approximately four city blocks from the Montparnasse cemetery. This cemetery is the second largest in Paris and consists of 47 acres. It almost had a park-like atmosphere and hundreds of people walked through the cemetery daily--including me...

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Jewish Identity

A series of four muticolored hands surrounding a start of David.A multicolored menorah.

Frequently, as I have had the opportunity to minister in various congregations, I have asked people, ‘What do you think it means to be Jewish?’ People tell me that being Jewish is being part of the chosen people. Or that it is a person who has the Jewish religion. Or that it is a person who does not believe in Jesus...

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Two birds wishing one another happy Purim from different perches in a tree.

One of the holidays that we will be celebrating in March is the Holiday of Purim. Purim is from the Hebrew Word for "lots" (see Esther 3:7; 9:20-22). Purim is a holiday that commemorates the time when God delivered the people of Israel from the evil plot of Haman, an Haman was the royal vizier to Persian king Ahasuerus, who was planning to have all of Persia's Jewish subjects killed...

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Understanding Key Jewish Beliefs

A multicolored menorah.

It is important to understand the foundation of what Jewish people believe today. There is no single answer. The term dogma, which is much better applied to Christianity, has little place within Judaism. In Judaism, the need for a profession of belief did not arise, and rabbis saw no necessity for drawing up concise formulas stressing Jewish beliefs and faith...

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