Going for the Gold

Now that the 2022 drama of the Winter Olympics is over, we can look back at the years of preparation these elite athletes endured for just one shot at the coveted gold medal. As the old Wide World of Sports intro used to say, “The thrill of victory and the agony defeat!” While the world was captivated by the Olympic events, life continued - births, deaths, wars, rumors of wars, Covid continues, masks on, masks off, and lonely people become lonelier as feelings of isolation overwhelm.

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Covid 19, Delta, Omicron, Omicron BA...Are We Done Yet?

No, a new disease is here!

Steve and I shared the Covid 19 virus, with Steve spending time in the hospital fighting it. Later we shared the Omicron strain. Thankfully we are fine. Hopefully, this satanic attack of illness is in its final stages of world domination.

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Missio Dei: The Missional Jesus

Drawn from Genesis 3:8-15 and Luke 4:14-30.

Last month I focused our attention on the Missional God and the genesis of mission. Now in this second month, I turn our attention to the Missional Jesus who embodies or represents the mission. So, it is my hope and prayer that by the time you get to the end you will recommit yourself to God as he calls you to testify to God’s Kingdom and plan of salvation where you live, sharing this Good News with your neighbors, and connecting people to Jesus wherever you go!

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Prayers Needed

The members of Immanuel Lutheran Church congregation in Tel Aviv need your ongoing prayer support. Being a Christian in Israel brings both peace and turmoil to even the most seasoned believers. The challenges are great, but so are the opportunities! What better way to pray for God’s chosen people than through using His Word?

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