Forget About It

I have had the joy and privilege of speaking to women’s groups in different states and countries. I love it and do not take my responsibilities lightly. My daughter Toi and I have also done what we call tag-team talks. Those are my favorites. We share half a brain, so it is fun for one of us to jump in where the other leaves off, in sync, and never disjointed. Besides that, she is one of my top ten favorite people ever!

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Outline of a house surrounding a heart within it, representing the phrase "home is where the heart is".

'Tis the season to think of family; immediate, close in, not-so-close in, added in by marriage or adoption, and those considered part of the family even without kin relationships. These folks are Mishpochah – Yiddish for family...

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Silent Night Revisited

Christmas ornament of three rise men riding camels across the desert to visit Bethlehem.

On Friday, December 9th, Nancy and I attended a wonderful cantata for congregation and choir call Carols by Heather Sorenson at our church, Zion Lutheran in Walburg, Texas. (This is available on their site for your viewing, too!) The congregation was an integral component of the music by singing along...

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A family driving through the snow during the holidays with Christmas presents stacked atop their car.

Mishpaha is the Hebrew word for family.

I am the firstborn of four children: Jax, Dirk and Jill. I do not know why, but I was always ashamed of having so many siblings. I just never really knew a lot of families our size. My dad had a sister, and my mom had two brothers, so I felt that theirs were the norm...

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Investing in Three

Venn diagram of 3 overlapping circles.

When Yeshua walked this earth, he had an incredible impact on thousands of people. Ultimately, he chose twelve in be part of his core group, and from those twelve, he invested most in three, Peter, James and John. These three were brought close into Christ’s inner circle, so that following His ascension, they were the emerging leaders of the nascent church.

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