Letters from Prison II

A chained bird breaking free of its chain.

Shalom. I pray that all of you are well and enjoying the love and grace of Yeshua.,

Hashem is faithful! I have been incarcerated for 20 years now. At first, I thought that God had forsaken me to allow such a thing to happen, but that just goes to show you that we will never fathom the mind of HaShem. God does everything for a reason and a purpose, and sometimes we cannot quite grasp it. The funny thing is that we are not supposed to, well at least until He is ready. Then it is just mind-blowing when we do. And that is what makes Him God! Hallelujah!

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MBWA Examples

Outline of man walking forward.

One of our volunteers, Ken Ebright, in St. Louis has kept up his personal ministry by wandering around ever since we left St. Louis in 2015 to move to Texas. The following are a few of his many reports of what has been happening. Your prayers for Ken would be much appreciated, and If you want to send him a note of encouragement he can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Dear Saints in Yeshua

Graphic of an orange-colored flame.

Dear Saints in Yeshua,

Over the last month I have had the privilege of doing outreach with Jews for Jesus in New York City and had many exciting conversations with Jewish people who wanted to learn more about how Jewish people could believe in Jesus and what it means for Jesus to be the Jewish Messiah.

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Thank You For Your Prayers

Image of words thank you in colorful lettering.

It has been a challenging couple of weeks. On September 6th, Nancy’s Aunt Bev’s journey on this earthly plain came to an end and her time in the Lord’s presence began. She was one of the sweetest people and I had the privilege of getting to know her and her loving husband, Uncle Dan Crews. We made last minute plans to travel to Denver to be with the family for the funeral service and a loving time of memory. The funeral was on September 15th, my 73rd birthday.

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It's 5783; Let's Clean House

Graphic of a latex cleaning glove.

Happy New Year! Hag Sameach! Shana Tova!! Let’s prepare for the new year. Let’s clean house.

My house is a balligon. I mean a mess. I am in the process of moving again! This time it’s just room to room. But it's four rooms we are switching. Aghhh! It is so hard to think, work on my writings, focus on new projects, be creative, and it is actually depressing to me. Forget having guests over, and I love to entertain! There is no way. The bad part is that even when and if I can get the stuff shoved into a bedroom, I would go crazy knowing that the stuff needs to be organized and put in its place or thrown out.

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