The Hat...and For Your Prayers

A colorful baseball cap.

I know that there are many things that can start a conversation. Sometimes it is a message on a shirt, a logo on a jacket, or even world events that swirl around us. This summer when we were in Milwaukee for the LCMS national convention to set up our display, Jordan Peiser brought along a hat with two words on it in Hebrew...

Can you figure it out? I couldn’t. Neither could Nancy.

A baseball cap with the words "White Sox" in Hebrew across it.

But then Jordan told us it was…

(Vite Sox) White Sox. Enjoy!


For Your Prayers

Pray for Micha Cohen, who has been placed back into hospice care. Please pray for Leah, him, and their family as he nears the end of a long battle with Huntington’s Disease.

Pray for Jordan Peiser who will have minor surgery coming up in October.

Pray for our faithful donor correspondent, Debby Williams, whose mother was promoted to heaven recently.

Pray for our friends at Jews for Jesus who are celebrating their 50th anniversary this month.

Pray for those who lost much in Africa over floods and earthquakes.

Pray for an openness to the Gospel by those we meet with and tell of Y’shua.

Pray for peace in the Middle East through the Prince of Peace.

Pray for the Lord to raise up the next leader of Apple of His Eye so that we might continue our mission service to new generations.

Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen is the founder of Apple of His Eye

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