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One of our volunteers, Ken Ebright, in St. Louis has kept up his personal ministry by wandering around ever since we left St. Louis in 2015 to move to Texas. The following are a few of his many reports of what has been happening. Your prayers for Ken would be much appreciated, and If you want to send him a note of encouragement he can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

From Ken

I went downtown St Louis. I talked to a woman who was from Minnesota and she knows Jesus I had a very good conversation with her. I talked to Yolanda she is a believer and she asked for prayer about the city.

I talked to Juan he is a believer and we kind of chit-chatted about parking. I also talked to a gentleman.  Marcus was ordained minister and he needs prayer about his ministry I told him I pray for his ministry. I talked to Mary she is a teacher but she’s also a believer and where she teaches it’s a bunch of inmates so she needs prayer about safety.

I talked to Marshall he was a believer he wanted to go up with the arch but he had an anxiety attack. I talked to Robert he is a believer in his homeless he recently lost his  fiancé. I talked to a gentleman that is a hardcore Catholic and explain to him that good works don't get you to heaven. I talked to AJ they want prayer for the travel back but their daughter is in high school and wants to become a nurse. I talked to a gentleman who is an atheist my percent in the gospel he was nice to me because sometimes people are mean. I talked to Ken he has some doubts I just tried to really share with him hope I think you actually do believe in Jesus but he has some doubts.

 It was a good night.

I went to October fest in downtown Belleville. Start out with a lot of hostile people towards my asking the question I had one guy that was nice to me and said that we need more Jesus. I talked to Mark and he seems to think that you can just if everything goes right you get saved. He grew up in the church but doesn’t go to church. I tried to make it clear to him that you have to call upon the name Lord you be saved. We had a good conversation he is in school for construction.

I talked to Sherry and she is a Christian there and she needs prayer about a woman named Pat who’s ill.  Talk to Jackie who is a Catholic and tried to explain to her it’s by Jesus' death on a cross that she can pray about her family. I talked to Amy;  she's a believer. I talked to Felicia and she’s a believer; she needs prayer about her kids who are in college. I talked to Mia she wants to have good grades. I talked to John and his son is kind of far away from the Lord and lives in Ohio he needs prayer. We had a good conversation about his son. This guy said he was a believer although before he crossed the street I heard him cussing.  To spite the good people that I had conversations with there seem to just be a lot of hostile people.

I went downtown tonight.

I talked to a woman who had the name Danny. She and her boyfriend are from Haiti. She needs this prayer about getting life together and she's visiting St Louis. She was a believer.

I talked to James and he needs prayer he also is a believer. There was a black woman that was homeless and Keener plaza she didn’t want to talk about Jesus but I could tell she was really kind of sad when I left I told her Jesus loves you. There were some women from Honduras who didn't understand English if I made the sign of the cross and I think they understood about Jesus at home and that he loved him.

I talked to Roy and he’s homeless I told him I pray for him. Another gentleman said he talks to Jesus every day but he didn’t really want to talk. I talked to Rob he is a believer he thanked me for being out here and he has to pray for his family. I talked to Guam he's homeless he’s praying and he’s a believer. Talk to Morgan she’s a believer that she needs prayer about school.  I talked to Olga about a better financial situation she is a believer.

I’ve been debating about whether I was going to do it tonight because it’s 99° today. Although it's not humid so it really was not all that bad. There is a rain chance the rest of the week. I felt I had a pretty good night.


Steve Cohen is the founder of Apple of His Eye

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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